Shaving is the Art, Collecting is the Hobby. We use what we collect to refine the art. - The Shave Den member swarden43

This is my personal home on the World Wide Web and I invite you in to visit. This is where I post opinions and thoughts, pictures, music and my fun hobby of collecting vintage and antique shaving related gear. From time to time I'll also be offering neat items for sale, mostly vintage razors, lighters and watches.


About me...

Gillette-i Master

A 38 year old guy, named J. Vincent Renaldo (it's Italian, not Mexican), who loves his other half (ball & chained for 7.5 years and loving every bit of it), his feline son Toko, University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) football and New Orleans Saints football, Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan Beer, medium rare t-bone steaks and stuffing his own cigarettes (Three Sails tobacco and Beretta Elite tubes) - born, raised and living in Mississippi.

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